That’s Why It’s Called Work, Not Fun.

My husband is very lucky. Almost every day, I pick him up from work downtown so he can be home quickly and doesn’t have to take the bus. (I know, I deserve a medal.)

Every day I ask him how work was and if anything exciting happened. His answer is almost always the same, “It’s better now that it’s over.” This answer is mind-boggling to me.

Every work day for almost fifteen years, he has hopped out of bed, had breakfast and made his way downtown to his work station, worked for eight hours and then come home. He rarely has work related stories other than a couple of comments on how his co-workers are doing. Our conversations about his work are short.

If he dares to ask me about work, I could go on for hours. I tell him about the kids and the quirky things that happened. I tell him about interesting conversations I had with my colleagues. I chat about strategies for dealing with behaviours in the classroom and ask for his advice. Oh, did I mention I’m on maternity leave? I’m not even in the classroom right now and I still have things I can talk about!

Okay, so yeah, I’m a good talker. But that isn’t the point. I love my work. I get up in the morning and am excited to go in. Sure, sometimes I don’t feel like it and I get cranky, but those moments are few and far between. I want to be at work. I find it invigorating and interesting. I can’t imagine not being there.

I asked him (several times) how he could go to work for eight hours and not have anything interesting to say about it. Isn’t that boring and fulfilling? His reply was and is always, “That’s why it’s called work and not fun.” He tells me that most people feel the same way as he does: work is a means to an end. It’s something people do to live, not live to do.

Thank God I’m a teacher. My work IS fun, IS interesting and IS fulfilling. Even when it is hard or frustrating, I wouldn’t trade it for anything else. I live to teach and couldn’t imagine going into an unrelated field.

I guess I’m just lucky.

 Have fun at Teachers’ Convention this year!


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