I’m not much on resolutions. January is full on dedication and then, BAM, life gets in the way. Not for me, not this year.

So I decided to go for a New Year’s Revolution this year. I’m changing my life. Don’t get me wrong, my life is phenomenal but I’m working on myself – to be a better person. So…how?

1. Seven Habits:

Our school division sends all staff to intensive Covey training. I did it a while ago and while it has stayed with me, it hasn’t been at the front of my mind. This year I’m going to put it at the front. How will I do that? I mean it is all fine to say that I’m going to put it in the forefront, but how will I guarantee that I won’t forget my focus come February? Luckily, my school is moving forward with the Leader In Me training, so I will have the opportunity to continue to explore the 7 Habits with my students. Awesome!

2. Healthy Habits: I weighed 268 pounds last week.

Is your mouth hanging open? I mean, what the WHAT? Did I just tell you my weight?


Before I announced it over my blog, I showed my weight to the people I work with.


I am running a Biggest Loser Challenge at work. 19 brave souls agreed to weigh-in in front of me, so I weighed-in in front of them.


I love myself. I’m okay with my weight. What I don’t enjoy is my bad back, or the possibility that my knees, back and gut could stop me from playing with my kids. So there you go! I decided that was enough and I would lose 25 pounds and maintain that weight loss for a year. I’m 11 pounds down in one week. I know, that is a big loss. Don’t be concerned that I’m going crazy with it – I have been really dedicated to being mindful about my intake. And I’ve eliminated most processed foods and diet pop. I like my junk in the trunk so I’m not looking to become anything extreme. I just want to be healthy and ready to splash in every puddle I can with the little men.

So there are 19 people in our challenge. 11 of them weighed-in after one week. Total weight loss was 38.5 pounds. HOLY WOW! I’m so proud to be working with a staff that is dedicated to modeling healthy choices.

So there you go, my New Year’s Revolution. May your 2013 be revolutionary for you!


UPDATE: After 3 weeks, I’m down 15 pounds. Awesome! I’ve stalled a bit…but I’m adding more exercise so that should change. And as for Leader In Me, I’m part of our team’s Lighthouse Team, so it is going very well! Woot Woot!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jacqui
    Jan 19, 2013 @ 10:21:49

    You GO my courageous daughter! Proud of you.


    • Melissa Everitt-Dallinger
      Jan 19, 2013 @ 10:55:27

      Teehee….I looked at Dale before I published and said, “I’m about to announce my weight on my blog.” He looked at me and said, “I don’t understand why it is so taboo for women. Men would announce it anytime, anywhere.” I’m not sure he is right, but after I hit publish, I realized, I truly am okay with my weight. Who cares? It’s my health that matters.


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