My Biography

I have lived a full life despite my age. After high school I was fortunate to participate on an exchange with Canada World Youth. I was sent to St. Joseph-de-Beauce, Quebec for four months and Tikare, Burkina Faso, West Africa for another four in 1995-96. While working in an arena in Quebec and as a pharmacist’s assistant in Tikare, I was immersed in French. It was incroyable!

Upon my return to Canada (1996), I was extremely fortunate to spend a three-month stint in Rankin Inlet immersed in yet another beautiful culture. It was truly amazing to waitress at the Nanuk Inn while exploring the great white north!

I decided to keep up the French I had already begun and began my post-secondary education at the Campus St. Jean, U of  A. After my second year, I thought I would take another travel break and I was off to Aupair in Domdidier, Switzerland(1998). I returned to the Fac, as we called it then and continued my learning!  I went with a major in French and a minor in Drama.This meant a lot of reading and just as much stage work. Awesome! The Fac brought in an Artist in Residence and there my passion for the stage was nurtured. A whole year of intensive theatre training, including stage combat and I was hooked. With a final push, I graduated from the Fac in 2002, in the middle of a major labour dispute.

With job prospects slim in Edmonton, I was ecstatic to land a position in Fort McMurray at Ecole Dickinsfield. I taught a plethora of courses, including some French Immersion, French as a Second Language and of course, Drama. While in my second year of teaching in Fort Mac I was so fortunate to be chosen to participate in the Group Study Exchange with the Rotary Club (2005). Along with three other professionals and a group leader, I ventured to Chile for a month of observing teaching methods and cultural differences. It was a mind-blowing experience for which I remain grateful. The whole four years I spent in Fort McMurray were amazing. I was able to act and direct with numerous groups. During my last year at Dickinsfield, I went on my annual ski trip, I met the love of my life.

I bought a house in Edmonton on April 1st, 2006 with no job prospects. Love would guide me! I moved into my new house, with my new love that summer, took a job with Stony Plain Central working with an amazing drama department. After two excellent years with SPC, I took a challenge, stepping out of my comfort zone. I applied to work at a residential treatment program with middle/senior high drug addicted kids. Just fresh home from my honeymoon in Cuba, I discovered that my new challenge had become even greater as I would now be teaching an elementary behaviour program. Yikes!

After an amazing year of challenges and learning, my son Jack was born. Motherhood has been amazing. I split the parental leave with my husband, and returned to work just five months after baby boy was born. It has been awesome to watch my husband enjoy time with our little one and my class is excellent. Life is sweet!!

And to add to the sweetness, on December 3rd, 2011, we added Frank to our family. He is a chunky monkey of a baby and brings a million smiles to his big brother Jack!


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